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Junho 24, 2006


The Sex Kitten: Jessica Cutler
Blog: The Washingtonienne
Following a high-profile Capitol Hill sex scandal breathlessly chronicled by political blog Wonkette, 27-year-old Cutler landed a six-figure book deal for her roman à clef, The Washingtonienne, and posed naked for Playboy. Posts from her notorious, now-deleted blog can be found on her cheery Web site. FUN FACT: She sleeps naked.

The Souther Deb: Brooke Parkhurst
Blog: Belle in the Big Apple
Parkhurst, 26, landed a book deal based on the Southern-girl-in-the-big-city adventures she chronicles on her blog. FUN FACT: She speaks five languages.

The Lawyer: Melissa Lafsky
Blog: Opinionistas
The 27-year-old Melissa Lafsky officially unveiled herself in the New York Observer as the writer behind the whip-smart law blog. She is currently hard at work on a novel set in the competitive NYC law world and is repped by blog-enabler Kate Lee at ICM. And no, it’s not a roman à clef, and yes, it does have a plot. FUN FACT: She loved Anaconda.

The Stripper: Mimi Foe
Blog: Mimi in New York
This 27-year-old left the U.K. four years ago with a master’s degree from Cambridge. She traveled to 40 countries, and then wound up stripping in New York City’s hottest clubs. Her blog dishes on shady celebrities and sketchy club owners. FUN FACT: She was recently fired from Scores after punching a friend of the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl in the face after a lap dance.

The Gossip: Rachel Sklar
Blog: Tomatoes are Delicious
This Canadian 33-year-old former corporate lawyer recently resigned as the editor of Mediabistro’s amusing, insightful Fishbowl NY, a position she held for nearly a year. Coauthor of the book A Stroke of Luck: Life, Crisis and Rebirth of a Stroke Survivor. FUN FACT: Has dated someone from every continent, save Antarctica.

The Girl Next Door: Heather Hunter
Blog : This Fish…Needs a Bicycle
Texas-bred Heather Hunter, 27, chronicles her life on the iVillage blog. FUN FACTS: She’s an ex-Mormon and can identify wild mushrooms.
Este Inverno as meninas organizaram um Blogger Pajama Party. O artigo está aqui.


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