«She loves women too much»

Junho 24, 2006


«Angelina is an unbelievable lesbian lover. I was her first. And although she’s having a baby with Brad, I doubt I’ll be the last. She loves women too much. It’s like a drug and she was hooked. Angelina loves danger and dabbling in the dark side. That’s where she gets her kicks – not playing happy families with one man. She’s an amazing woman, always wanting to try new weird and wonderful things. Which is why when I heard she had settled down with Brad Pitt I was surprised. She’d never mentioned him before and he seemed such an unlikely choice for her, too clean-cut. We had a special bond which I believe will never die. We never fell out, we just drifted apart. More to the point, I know how much she loves women. Only women can satisfy Angelina.»

Jenny Shimizu, ex-rapariga de Angelina Jolie (in News of the World

Sobre o caso das duas, há  este artigo publicado pelos paparazzi do The Sun, onde a modelo garante: «I´m still Jolie's lesbian lover». Mas melhor do que tentar saber do assunto pela boca deste exímios "investigadores", é ler o que Shimizu conta. Diz ela: «Angelina Jolie was the greatest lover ever».


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